Importing Leads - Step 5: Import and Review Leads

This article is Step 5 in our 5-step Guide to Importing Leads.

Be sure to complete Step 4: Configuring Import Settings before you proceed.

Import and Review Leads

Once you've configured the settings for your lead file using the information in the previous import articles, you'll be ready to import it into ReadyMode!

Import Lead File

Click on the Done - Import Leads button to import your leads. 

Depending on the file type and the number of the leads in your file, it may take up 15 minutes to process. Once it has been processed, you'll see an Import Confirmation Message appear at the top of the Lead Management area.

This message will provide a brief overview of the file processing results. In the next section, you can see how to view the Import Statistics to see more details about the results.

Review Import Statistics and Results

Under Lead Management, click on the Campaign the leads are assigned to.

In the Lead File List, click on your Lead File to open it.

In the Edit Lead File window, you'll see the Import Statistics (1) and a link to download the Import Result File (2).

Import Statistics

These statistics provide the following information:

  • Successful - The number of leads successfully uploaded.
  • Unsuccessful - The number of leads rejected and the reasons.
  • De-duplication mode - The De-duplication Mode used to process the file.

Import Result File

This file is a copy of your original leads file (blue), appended with 6 columns of data (red) displaying the import results for each lead.

  • Status (1) - The status of the lead.
  • DNC (2) - Lead rejected due to DNC [Yes/No].
  • Dupe (3) - Rejected due to duplicate [Yes/No].
  • Dupe in file (4) - The name of the file the duplicate is located in.
  • RMS Result (5) - Results from the Risk Management System (requires the Risk Management App).
  • Accepted (6) - Lead acceptance status [Yes/No].

Next Steps

Your new leads will automatically appear in the General Leads Queue and be available to be dialed using the AI Dialer and passed to available Queue Members to handle.

If you'd like to customize how your leads are dialed, learn more about using Queues, Playlists and Campaigns.

If you've identified issues with your lead file and wish to start over, see the instructions in the next section.

Delete a Lead File

If you wish to remove your lead file and import it again, you can do so by clicking the Completely Delete This File button in the Edit Lead File window.

Note: We strongly recommend that you do not delete lead files using this method if the leads have already been dialed. If you would like to delete leads that have been dialed, please contact Technical Support for instructions.

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