About Leads

Looking to get started with dialing Leads? Learn more about the process here.

About Leads

Leads are records containing information for people you wish to contact. This article will give you an overview of how Leads work in ReadyMode.

Adding Leads

To get started with dialing Leads in ReadyMode, you'll first import Lead Files containing the Leads you wish to call. Our Import Guide will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

Viewing Leads

When Leads are first imported to ReadyMode, they will be assigned to the General Leads Queue. They can also be found within the Campaign selected during import. You can view them by navigating to those resources, or by using the Search. 

To view Leads in the General Leads Queue, from the Dashboard, navigate to Leads and select the General Leads Queue. Choose the View leads tab to see a list of Leads, or click the Open link on a Lead to view it.

Dialing Leads

When you import new Leads, they will automatically be assigned to the General Leads Queue, where they will be available to called via the AI Dialer.

The AI Dialer will dial each Lead in a random sequence, ensuring that all Leads are dialed. You can customize how Leads are dialed using Playlists and Campaigns.

Handling Leads

When a Lead is reached by the Dialer, the call will be passed to an available Queue Member to be handled. If no Queue Members are available, the call will be abandoned and re-tried at a later time.

After a Queue Member successfully connects with the Lead, they can disposition it using the Call Results that are displayed when a Lead is opened.

Once a Lead is dispositioned, a Lead Profile will be created for it. You can also create Lead Profiles manually.

Using Leads

Call Results can be configured to leave the Lead within the General Leads Queue, or move it into another Queue, User Folder, or your Do Not Call List.

Once Leads are moved out of the General Leads Queue, they are considered "used" or "handled" and will no longer be available to be called using the AI Dialer.

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