About Campaigns

Interested in segmenting your leads for different purposes? Learn more about Campaigns!

About Campaigns

If your business offers multiple products or services, Campaigns enable you to call and manage the same Leads in a different way for each business offering - almost as if you were operating a separate ReadyMode system!

When using multiple Campaigns, you can:

Note: Campaigns are designed specifically to help you manage multiple products or business offerings. If your business only has one offering, we recommend using a single Campaign for all Leads and using Playlists to determine how those Leads are dialed. 

Navigating to the Campaigns Tab

On your Dashboard, click on the Manage Leads icon to go to Lead Management. This icon is available at the top of the Dashboard and also under the Manage section.

In Lead Management, you can find Campaigns under the Campaigns Tab

Campaigns Tab Overview

In the Campaigns Tab, you'll see a list showing all of your Campaigns, divided by Lead File Status.

  • Regular Campaigns (1) - These are Campaigns which contain at least one Active Lead File. 
  • Deactivated Campaigns (2) - These are Campaigns which contain only Deactivated Lead Files.
  • Unused Campaigns (3) - These are Campaigns which do not contain any Lead Files.
  • Leads remaining (4) - The number of Leads remaining will be displayed for each Regular Campaign.

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