Making Calls using the AI Dialer

Ready to start making dialer calls with Readymode? You'll find a handy guide here.

Making Calls using the AI Dialer

Readymode's AI Dialer dials Leads in the background, enabling you to reach many more Leads than dialing manually.

The following guide will walk you through the process of making calls using the AI Dialer:

Switch to Ready Mode

To tell the Dialer when you are ready to make calls, switch your Availability Mode to "Ready".

You will see a "Background dialing" message appear at the top of the screen shortly.

Answer the Call

When the Dialer connects you with a Lead, you will hear a beep and see their Lead Profile appear on your screen. 

You can now begin speaking with the Lead.

Handle the Call

As you speak with the Lead, you can refer to the CRM Fields (1) to see information about them. Review any Scripts (2) that appear on the Profile for guidance.

Switch to the Contact History tab if you have any Call Notes to record.

Disposition the Call

As you begin to wrap up your call, select a Call Result that best describes your experience speaking with the Lead. 

Click on one of the Call Result buttons (1). You'll see Follow-up Settings (2) for that result appear below, which you can adjust as needed.

If you experienced any audio quality issues on your call, mark the Call Quality Rating (3) with a half star. If you submit the call log in the next step, this information can be used by our Technical Support team for troubleshooting later on if your audio issues persist.

Once your call is complete, click Submit call log (4) to disposition the Lead. 

Quick Tip: The Call Result will be recorded on the Contact History tab, along with any Call Notes.

End the Call

Once you select a Call Results button, it may be configured to end the call automatically. If not, you will need to end it manually - just open the Dial Pad and click the End Call button.

Once the Lead Profile is closed and the call is ended, the Dialer will connect a new call for you as soon as possible.

Stop Taking Calls

To pause the Dialer, switch your Availability Mode to "Break" or one of the other options, as directed by your manager.

You will see a "Dialer Paused" message appear at the top of the screen shortly.

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