Using Call Results

Call Results allow you to determine the next steps for a Lead after your call. 

Using Call Results

Using Call Results, you can quickly disposition a Lead after your call to place it into Queues, schedule Callbacks, or other actions.

Navigating to Call Results

When viewing a Lead Profile, Call Results (1) may already be displayed on the upper left corner above the Dashboard. If not, click the Log Call button (2) to bring up the Call Results.

Selecting a Call Result

Call Results can be selected manually by clicking on them, or by using Hotkeys (if these have been configured).

Selecting a Call Result Manually

Click on one of the Call Result buttons (1). You'll see Follow-up Settings (2) for that result appear below, which you can adjust as needed.

If you experienced any audio quality issues on your call, mark the Call Quality Rating (3) with a half star. This information can be used by our Technical Support team for troubleshooting later on, if your audio issues persist.

Once your call is complete, click Submit call log (4) to disposition the Lead.

Note: All calls should be dispositioned, even if you experienced call quality issues.

Selecting a Call Result using Hotkeys

Hotkeys enable you to select a Call Result using your Keyboard. A Hotkey is a combination of a Modifier Key sequence and a letter or number, which are assigned to a specific Call Result

In the example below, the Modifier Key sequence is "CTRL + ALT". Pressing this sequence on the keyboard will activate a highlight, which shows the available Hotkeys. Pressing "N" activates the Hotkey for the "New Name" Call Result. You can then hit Enter to disposition the call using the default Follow-up Settings.

Adjusting Follow-up Settings

The Follow-up Settings for each Call Result button are pre-selected to default options. These default options may be adjustable, depending on your system configuration and permissions.

  • Save in (1) - Determine ownership of the Lead.
  • Email (2) - Send an email using an Email Template.
  • Callback time (3) - Book an appointment using the Callback time drop-down.
  • Use calendar (4) - Book an appointment using the Appointment Calendar.

Quick Tip: If you don't need to adjust the Follow-up Settings, you can click the same button twice to disposition it immediately with the default settings, as shown in the example below.

Booking a Callback Appointment

Need to book a meeting with your Lead later on? You can book a callback appointment using either the Callback drop-down list, or the Appointment Calendar.

Using the Callback Time drop-down menu

This option is best to use when you want to call back later at a non-specific time, such as 3 hours or 3 months.

Select a Call Result button (1), then choose a time from the Callback time drop-down menu (2).

In the example below, we've dispositioned a Lead using the Follow Up button, and selected a Callback time of 4 hours from the drop-down menu.

Using the Appointment Calendar

This option is great when you want to call back at a specific time, like Monday the 11th at 10am.

Select your Call Result (1), then check the Use calendar checkbox (2). The Calendar will appear and you can book your appointment.

You can use the navigation options at the top of the Calendar to select week, day or month view.

In the example below, we've dispositioned a Lead using the Appointment button and set an appointment for Wednesday, April 22 at 10am using the Appointment Calendar.

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