Transferring Calls

Learn how to quickly transfer your call, inside or outside your company!

Transferring Calls

Using the Dial Pad, you can easily transfer your call to someone else in your organization, or to an external number.

Internal Transfer

Use this method to transfer your current call to another User, Queue, IVR or Conference Room.

While on a call, click the Transfer button on the Dial Pad

This will open the Directory, which shows available Queues and IVRs (1), Users (2) and Conference Rooms (3). Click on one of these resources to select it for your transfer.

Note: Users will only be able to transfer calls to resources they have "Store" Folder Permissions for.

Next, select the Warm Transfer button (1) or Cold Transfer button (2).

Warm Transfer

If you choose Warm Transfer, this will dial the person you're transferring to. Once they pick up, you can speak with them privately regarding the nature of the call before you pass it over.

When you're ready to pass the call over and remove yourself from the call, click the End Call button on the Dial Pad. 

Cold Transfer

If you choose Cold Transfer, this will pass the call over immediately and remove you from the call.

External Transfer

Use this method to transfer your current call to an external number, or to an internal number using an extension.

While on a call, click the Hold button on the Dial Pad


Next, click the New Line button to open a new line.

Enter the external number or internal extension for the other party in the Number to Dial field (1) and click Call.

Once the other party joins the call, click the Merge button to merge the 2 calls.

You'll receive a popup asking you to confirm the merge. Click the OK button to proceed.

Once the calls are merged, you'll see all parties at the top of the dial pad (1). You can now remove yourself from the call using the End Call button (2). The others will remain on the call.

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