Managing Phone Numbers

Interested in changing how your Phone Numbers are used in ReadyMode? You're in the right place!

Managing Phone Numbers

Using the following Configuration Options, you can manage your Phone Numbers and specify how they should be used for outbound and inbound calls. To access these options, first navigate to Phone Numbers.

Phone Number List

The Phone Number List displays all of the numbers your organization currently uses with ReadyMode.

The List is split into 4 columns, which display the following information:

  • Phone Number (1) - The Phone Number and the SMS Enabled icon.
  • Location (2) - The location of the Number.
  • Phone Group (3) - The Phone Group the Number is part of.
  • Inbound flow (4) - The destination for Number Forwarding, if configured.

Selecting Numbers

To manage Numbers in the List, you'll need to select them first. Selected numbers will display a blue highlight. 

To select multiple numbers in a row, hold the Shift key and click the top and bottom numbers.

To select multiple individual numbers, hold the Ctrl key and click the individual numbers.

To select numbers in a Group, use the Phone Group drop-down menu.

Default Number

The Default Number is marked with a green highlight. This number will be used to make all outbound calls and will be displayed as the default Caller ID, unless Proximity Matching or Auto-Rotate Numbers are enabled, or if outbound calls are being made from a Phone Group that is locked to a Campaign.

Note: The Default Number will always be available for outbound dialing if no other Numbers are available.

To set a Number as the Default, select it in the List and click the Set selection as default button.

Phone Groups

Phone Groups enable you to easily organize your Numbers by grouping them together. 

Create a Phone Group

When a new Number is ordered, that Number will be appear in a Group automatically, based on the date purchased.

You can also create a custom Phone Group. To do this, first select the Number(s) in the List that you wish to move to the new Group.

Next, click on the Move to Group drop-down menu and select Create a new group. You'll be prompted to enter a Group Name. Enter the name in the field provided and click the OK button.

You'll now see the selected number appearing in the new Group.

Moving a Number to a Group

To add a Number to an existing Group, first select the Number(s) in the List that you wish to move. Next, click on the Move to Group drop-down menu and select a Group.

You'll now see the selected number appearing in that Group.

Lock a Phone Group to a Campaign

When you lock Phone Groups to a Campaign, outbound calls made from that Campaign will use only the Numbers in that Group.

To lock a Group to a Campaign, first select the Group using the Phone Group drop-down menu. The Lock group drop-down menu will appear, and you can use it to select the Campaigns.

Number Forwarding

Using Number Forwarding, you can ensure that inbound calls are sent to a destination you specify. Destinations include IVRs, Queues and Users.

To forward Number(s), first select them in the List. Next, choose a destination from the Forward to drop down menu.

You will now see the forwarding destination listed under the Inbound flow column.

Bulk Replace Numbers

Using Bulk Replace, you can quickly order new numbers to replace existing ones. 

To replace Numbers, select them in the List and click the Bulk Replace button. You'll see a confirmation message indicating that the Numbers will be replaced within 24 hours.

Quick Tip: Want to order numbers individually? Learn how here.

SMS Enable

Using SMS Enable, you can enable your Agents to send outbound SMS messages directly, or using SMS Templates.

Note: To use this feature, SMS must be configured on your ReadyMode account. Please contact Technical Support for assistance. 

To enable or disable Number(s) for SMS, select them in the List and click the SMS Enable/Disable button. You'll see the SMS icon in the Phone Number column turn blue when enabled, and gray when disabled.

Releasing Numbers

If you're no longer using a Number and don't wish to replace it, you can delete it from the List.

To delete Number(s), select them in the List and click the Delete select numbers button. You will see 2 messages - one to confirm that you wish to delete the Number, and one to confirm the Number has been deleted. Click the OK button on both messages to proceed.

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