Configuring Consent/Opt-In Timeframe

Need the dialer to stop calling your leads after a specified consent or opt-in timeframe? You've come to the right place!

Configuring Consent/Opt-In Timeframe

ReadyMode's Consent/Opt-In Timeframe feature allows you to specify when the dialer will stop calling your leads if the set day amount exceeds the date your leads opted-in/gave their consent in the lead file. 

To access this feature, first navigate to your AI Dialer Lead Distribution Settings, then click on Edit Consent/Opt-In Timeframe.

To enable this feature, check the Do not call checkbox (1), then enter the number of days in the Days field (2) and click the Save Changes button (3) when done.

Note: If you uncheck the "Do not call leads with upload date older than _____ days(s)" box, all the leads who the system had kept from being dialed will now be eligible to be dialed once more (if your playlists are configured to dial them). 

Importing Consent/Opt-In Data

In order for the system to respect your Consent/Opt-In Timeframe setting, consent or opt-in data must be imported from your lead file. In order achieve this, make sure that the consent/opt-in data is mapped to the Consent Date Internal Field before clicking Done - Import leads

Quick Tip: For more information on Importing Leads, click here

Note: If no consent or opt-in data is present in your lead file, or is absent for a specific lead, the system will just treat the day the file was uploaded as the consent/opt-in date.

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