Navigating Readymode

In this article we'll talk about the navigation options available in Readymode and show you how to quickly find your way around.

Navigating Readymode

There are 3 main navigation areas in Readymode:

  • Dashboard (1) - Navigate between different areas of the system.
  • Search (2) - Quickly look for a specific resources in your CRM.
  • Workspace (3) - See resources displayed for you to interact with.

Using the Dashboard

To navigate using the Dashboard, click items to open them, and use the X icon in the upper right corner to close them.

You can also collapse sections of the Dashboard to save space by using the Arrow icons in the upper right corner of each section.

Using the Search Bar

To navigate using the Search, enter your search terms in the Search Box and hit Enter on your keyboard. Your search results will be displayed in the Workspace.

You can enter either full or partial search terms. For example, if you search for "Sophia", any agents or contacts with this name will be displayed. If you search for "123", any phone numbers or addresses containing these numbers will be displayed. 

Quick Tip: When searching for a specific Lead, enter their full phone number for best results.

Note: The Search will return up to a maximum of 150k search results.

Using the Workspace

When you Search for something or open an item using the Dashboard, it will be displayed in the Workspace. When you're finished working with an item, you can close it using the X icon in the upper right corner.

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