About Queues

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About Queues

Queues help you manage your outbound and inbound calls. They offer a large range of options that allow you to fine-tune how various types of calls are handled, and decide which Users should handle them. Your ReadyMode system will come pre-configured with some Queues by default, and you can also create and configure your Queues as desired.

Types of Queues

There are 3 types of Queues:

Dialer Queues

Dialer Queues handle outbound calling. Every ReadyMode system includes a default Dialer Queue, the General Leads Queue.

To use a Dialer Queue, you must assign Queue Members and import Leads for the Queue to dial. You can control how Leads are dialed in your General Leads Queue by using Playlists. Your Queue Members will then be able to call the Leads in the Queue automatically. 

Inbound Queues

Inbound Queues handle inbound calling. Every ReadyMode system includes a default Inbound Queue.

To use Inbound Queues, you must assign Queue Members and direct inbound callers to your Queue using Number Forwarding or IVRs. Your Queue Members will then be able to handle incoming calls from the Queue.

Action Folder Queues

Action Folders enable you customize your ReadyMode system around your business processes for handling Leads, such as making Appointments. Action Folders do not dial Leads automatically, but they can be used as a holding area for Leads to be dialed manually.

Every ReadyMode system includes a set of default Action Folder Queues. The types of Queues may vary depending on your system configuration.

To use Action Folders, you must assign Queue Members to them. Your Queue Members will then be able to review the Leads and call the Leads manually.

If you would like Agents to transfer Leads to those Queues using Call Results, ensure that you enable the appropriate Access Permissions in the Queue's Share Settings for those Agents.

Navigating to Queues

There are several options for navigating to Queues in ReadyMode:

Navigate to Queues via Admin Files Folder

On your Dashboard, go to the My Account section and click on Shared Files.

Under File share, choose Admin Files.

Inside the Admin Files folder, you'll see:

Navigate to Queues via VOIP

To view and manage Queues, navigate to Settings on the Dashboard.

Note: You'll need "Application Manager" Permissions to view Settings.

Under Settings, select VOIP to open VOIP features.

Select Inbound Queues from the list.

You'll now the Inbound Queue list (1) and the option to create a new Queue (2).

Navigate to Queues via Lead Management

Lead Management enables you to access your Dialer and Action Folder Queues.

On your Dashboard, click on the Manage Leads icon to go to Lead Management. This icon is available at the top of the Dashboard and also under the Manage section.

In Lead Management, click on the Queues tab (1) to see your Queue list (2).

Managing Queues

When you open a Queue, you'll see up to 4 tabs that present the various options for managing it:

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