User Management

Here you'll learn how to navigate to the User Management area and use the tools available there.

User Management

The User Management feature gives you access to tools to create, remove, view and sort your Users.

Note: Permissions are required to manage Users. Please contact your System Administrator if you need assistance with enabling Permissions.

Navigating to User Management

On your Dashboard, click on the Manage Users icon to go to User Management. This icon is available at the top of the Dashboard and also under the Manage section.

User Management Options

In User Management, you'll see the following options available. Click through to the linked articles to find detailed instructions about how to use these options:

  • Active Users (1) - Displays a list of active Users (sorted by Folder by default).
  • Show/Hide Deleted Users (2) - Show or hide a list of Users that have been removed.
  • View Users by Folder (3) - View Users sorted by Folder.
  • View Users by Role (4) - View Users sorted by Role.
  • View Queues (5) - Quick access to your Queues.
  • Search Users (6) - Search your Users.
  • User Creation Tool (7) - Create a new User with the User Creation Tool.

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