User Permissions

Looking for a way to control access to system features and functions? Learn how with User Permissions.

User Permissions

Permissions determine User access to specific system features and functionality. They can either be applied directly to the User, or added via User Roles and User Groups.

Note: In order to modify Permissions for a User, your own User Account must be enabled with one of the following:

  • An "Administrative" Role
  • The "Administrators" Group
  • The "Team - Modify security" Permission

If you do not have one of these enabled, contact your System Administrator or Technical Support for assistance.

Assigning and Removing Permissions

Navigate to the User's Profile. On the Account Settings tab, scroll down to the User group/security information section. Permissions will be displayed below.

Assigning Permissions

To assign a Permission, click to check the checkbox next to it.

If the permission you want to assign is not currently displayed, add it from the Add permission or Add application drop-down lists.

Removing Permissions

To remove a Permission, click to uncheck the checkbox next to it.

Note: Permissions with a green check mark have been assigned via a Role or Group and cannot be removed individually.

List of Permissions

Below is a list of Permissions available to assign to Users. 

Note: Permissions related to an App will be displayed after the App has been installed.

Permission TypePermissionAllows the user toNotes
Sign-inSign in to ReadyModeRequired to access ReadyMode
Application ManagerApplication ManagerAdd/remove applications from a User and manage the filetype settings
AI DialerSelf-pauseRemove themselves from a Queue using the Queue Availability Setting

Cold CallCold CallAccess "Get Next Lead" button
AI ChannelView Revenue-Requires Channel Management App
AI ChannelManage Channels-Requires Channel Management App
AI ChannelChange Revenue-Requires Channel Management App
AI Channel
Manage Sales Process
-Requires Channel Management App
CCS BillingConfigureManage Billing ConfigurationRequires Merchant Processing App
CCS BillingChargeProcess an Authorization or Capture TransactionRequires Merchant Processing App
CCS BillingRefund/VoidProcess a Void or Refund TransactionRequires Merchant Processing App
CCS BillingView LogView Transaction LogRequires Merchant Processing App
CCS BillingAssign CreditAssign credit for sales to Users via the Transaction Log
Requires Merchant Processing App
CCS BillingSelect ModuleSelect a Billing Module
Requires Merchant Processing App
CCS BillingBypass credit card maskingView card numbers even if card numbers are maskedRequires Merchant Processing App
Gong.ioManage GongManage Integration
Requires Integration
PresentationManage roster-Requires Presentation and Event Manager App
PresentationAdd events-Requires Presentation and Event Manager App
PresentationDelete events-Requires Presentation and Event Manager App
Sage VaultConfigure Merchant Keys-Requires Sage Vault Integration
ZingtreeConfigureManage Zingtree Integration
Requires Zingtree Integration
Adobe SignAccess integration
Manage Adobe Sign Integration
Requires Adobe Sign Integration
Callback ManagementCallback ManagementAccess Callback Manager AppRequires Callback Manager App
IVR MonitorIVR MonitorReview and intercept active calls within Queues or IVRs
Requires IVR Monitor App
Training MonitorTraining MonitorMonitor other User's calls
Requires Training Monitor App
AI LeadsManage leadsAccess and upload Leads, view Campaigns, access Dialer Report, Lead Report and Recent Calls
AI LeadsExport LeadsExport a Lead Progress File or Call Logs Report data
AI LeadsManage playlistsCreate and modify Playlists

AutomationAllow AutomationAutomate Tasks
AutomationIntegration FeaturesAccess API Integration

CCS ProfilePlay RecordingsAccess MP3 playback and download links for Call RecordingsDownload requires "Manage VOIP" Permission
CCS ProfileWrite email templatesWrite and edit Email Templates
CCS ReportsCall logAccess the Call Logs ReportUser will be able to view Call Logs for themselves and any User they have access to
CCS ReportsProductivityAccess the Productivity and Agent ReportsUser will be able to view Call Logs for themselves and any User they have access to
CCS ReportsSalesAccess the Sales ReportUser will be able to view Call Logs for themselves and any User they have access to
CCS ReportsLive call reportAccess the Live Call Report
CommunicationSIPUse VOIP to make and take calls
CommunicationManage VOIPAccess VOIP configuration, Research Calls Report and Recent Calls Report
CommunicationAdd IVRAdd new IVRs
CommunicationAdd QueueAdd new Queues
CommunicationSet Caller IDConfigure Caller ID
CommunicationAdd DIDOrder new Phone NumbersRequires "Manage VOIP" Permission
CommunicationConfigure default emailConfigure Outbound Email
CommunicationConfigure individual emailConfigure User Outbound Email

File SystemSearch all leadsSearch and view all Leads using criteria other than primary phone number
File SystemSearch all profilesSearch and view all Lead Profiles
File SystemSearch all usersSearch and view all User Accounts
FoldersFolder toolsAccess to Shared Files, My Files and Folder tools
TeamCreate userCreate a new User
TeamModify securityModify Permissions, Roles and Groups on User AccountsUsers can only modify Permissions they also have enabled on their own User Account
TeamCreate groupCreate new User Folders
TeamModify groupModify User Folders
TeamManage deleted usersManage deleted Users in Folders

xIMStart IMStart new chat session
xIMBroadcast IMBroadcast IM to all usersRequires "Start IM" Permission
Text messagesSend text messages

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