User Settings

Need to reset a password or manage other User Settings? You're in the right place!

User Settings

On a User Profile, you can adjust the following Settings:

Any changes to these Settings will be saved automatically, except for Password and Email Account.

Note: Permissions are required to change User Settings. Please contact your System Administrator if you need assistance with enabling Permissions.

Navigate to User Profile

To make changes to User Settings, locate the User via User Management, Search or Folders and click to open their Profile.

User Name and Login ID

To change the User Name (1) and Login ID (2), simply replace the existing text in these fields.

Reset Password

To reset a User's Password, enter the new password and click Reset.

Please inform the User of their new Password using a secure method.

Phone Settings

In Phone Settings, you can change the User's Extension (1) by replacing any existing text in this field.

The If Unavailable (2) feature offers 3 options that determine what will happen if the User is unable to answer a direct call to their extension. You can select one of the following options using the drop-down menu:

  • No Voicemail
  • Voicemail
  • Forward Call

Note: Caller ID is displayed in the User Profile, but cannot be changed from here. Follow the instructions here to manage Caller ID.

User Group and Permissions

Please see these articles for information about making changes to the following:

Email Account and Password

The Email Account and Password settings allows you enable User-specific Outbound Email Accounts. Enabling these will override the organization-wide Outbound Email settings and allow the User to send emails from a unique email address.

Note: Email Accounts added for Users must be on the same domain (e.g. or and use the same SMTP settings as the Outbound Email Accounts configured in Agent Options. If you're not sure, contact your System Administrator or Technical Support for assistance.

Enable or Update a User Outbound Email Account

  1. Select the Default Email or Campaign from the Campaign drop-down list (1).
  2. Enter the first part of the email address in the Email Account field (2). For example, if your email address is "" enter just "yourname" in the field.
  3. Enter the password for this email address in the Password field (3)
  4. Click Update Email (4) to save your changes.

Disable a User Outbound Email Account

  1. Select the Default Email or Campaign from the Campaign drop-down list (1).
  2. Click Delete Email Account (2) to disable the Email Account.

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