Creating Campaigns

Looking to add a new Campaign? See below for detailed instructions.

Creating Campaigns

There are 2 options for creating a new Campaign:

Create a Campaign when Importing Leads

During the import process, you'll have the option to choose an existing Campaign or create a new one when configuring import settings.

Create a Campaign by Reassigning an Existing Lead File

If you have already imported Leads into an existing Campaign, you can create a new Campaign by reassigning the Lead File.

To do this, navigate to Campaigns, open the Campaign (1) containing the Lead File you wish to reassign, and click on the Lead File (2) to open the Lead File Editor.

In the Lead File Editor, click on the Campaign Name drop-down menu and choose Add a new campaign.

In the popup window, fill in the Campaign Name field (1) and click the OK button (2).

Your Campaign has now been created, and you'll now see your new Campaign Name (1) selected in the Lead File Editor. Click the Update File Info button (2) to reassign this Lead File to the new Campaign.

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