About Email Templates

Interested in using email to communicate with your Leads? Learn more about Email Templates below.

About Email Templates

Email Templates in ReadyMode enable you to create pre-formatted email messages that your Agents can send to Leads.

Templates can be modified using Configuration Options. You can customize Templates by using Variables to fill in data from your CRM Fields, such as names.

Templates are displayed in the Email drop-down menu in the Call Results area when viewing a Lead Profile. Agents can send the email by choosing a Template from the menu when dispositioning a call.

Note: In order to send emails, Outbound Email must be configured, and Users must have "Read" access in the Share Settings of the Template.

Navigating to Email Templates

Email Templates (1) can be created and stored directly within the Admin Files Folder. You can also create a sub-folder (2) to organize your Templates.

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