Configuring Call Results

Call Results can be customized using the Configuration Options available. Learn more below.

Configuring Call Results

Using Configuration Options, you can set up your Call Results to take specific actions when selected. 

To view Configuration Options, first navigate to Call Results. Next, create or edit a Call Result to view the following:

Display Options

The following Display Options are available:

Result Name

The Result Name is the text that will appear on the Call Result button.

Quick Tip: We recommend choosing something short and easy for your Agents to understand.


The Abbreviation is a shortened version of the Result Name. This will be used when there is a limited display area, such as column headers in Reports.

Button Color

Using the Color Picker tool, you can select a unique color for a Call Result button.


Using the Campaigns drop-down menu, you can restrict a Call Result to only appear on the selected Campaigns.

Note: If you want a Call Result to appear on all Campaigns, do not select any Campaigns.

Note: If Campaigns are selected for a Call Result Category, this setting will apply to all Call Results within the Category.

User Folders

Using the User Folders drop-down menu, you can restrict a Call Result to only appear to Users within the selected Folders.

Note: If you want a Call Result to appear for all Users, do not select any User Folders.


Assigning a Hotkey to a Call Result enables you to select it using your keyboard.

To assign a Hotkey, use the Modifier Keys drop-down menu (1) to select a key sequence that will be used to activate the Hotkey. Then, enter a letter or number from your keyboard in the Hotkey field (2) to complete the sequence.

Quick Tip: Learn more about using Hotkeys here.


Categories allow you to nest multiple Call Results within a single button. Learn more about creating new Categories here.

To assign this Call Result to an existing Category, select one from the Category drop-down menu.

Hide Call Result

The Hide Call Result checkbox enables you to hide a Call Result button from appearing in the Call Results panel.

Note: Checking this box will also move the Call Result into the Disabled/Hidden Call Results section. Learn more about managing Call Results here.

Call Termination

The Call Termination options allows you to decide how the call will be ended when the Call Result is selected.

Available options:

  • End the call
  • Keep the call active
  • Leave a pre-recorded message (if available)

Note: If selecting the pre-recorded message option, ensure your Agents have recorded a message in Prerecorded Messages first.

Account Follow-up

The Account Follow-up options allow you to determine if an Agent can take ownership of a Lead Profile by moving it into their My Files Folder.

Available options:

  • Don't Allow - The Agent cannot take ownership.
  • Allow - The Agent can take ownership.
  • Force - The Agent must take ownership.

You can select these options from the Account Follow-up drop-down menu (1). If "Allow" is selected, you'll see the Default to take ownership checkbox (2) appear. Check this if you would like taking ownership to be the default selection.

Default Rule

Default Rule allows you to determine what options are presented by default when a Call Result is selected. These Rules can be applied for scheduling Callbacks with Leads, transferring Leads to Queues and adding Leads to the Do Not Call List.

By adding additional rules, you can change the default options based on previously logged interactions with that Lead.

Quick Tip: Default Rule can be used to modify the functionality of Call Result Categories. If a Default Rule is set for a Category, the Category will function as a Call Result and can be used to disposition a Lead. If no Default Rule is set, the Category cannot be used to disposition a call, and the Agent will need to select one of the Call Results inside the Category instead.

Setting the first Rule for a Call Result

To set the first Rule, select one of the Actions from the Action drop-down menu.

Available options:

  • Don't schedule a callback
  • Schedule a callback
  • Add to DNC list
  • Transfer to a Queue

Note: When using "Transfer to a Queue", the "Store" Permission must be enabled in the Share Settings of the selected Queue for any Users/Organizational Units that will be using this Call Result.

Once your Action is selected, Action settings will appear to enable you to configure it. Different settings will be displayed depending on what Action is selected.

Available options:

  • For Don't schedule a callback:
    • Scrub the lead (mark it as "used")
  • For Schedule a callback:
    • In a specified time frame
  • For Add to DNC list:
    • Remove from DNC list after a specified time frame
    • Scrub the lead (mark it as "used")
  • For Transfer to a Queue:
    • Choose a queue

Adding additional Rules for a Call Result

To add an additional Rule, click the Add Rule link.

Note: Additional Rules cannot be added until the first Rule is saved.

Note: Ensure that the time set for additional Rules occurs after the time set for the first Rule, to avoid potential conflicts.

You'll see your new Rule appear below.

You can now configure your new Rule using the options available:

  • Times Logged field (1) - Set the Rule to activate based on the number of times a Call Result has been logged for a particular Lead.
  • Parameter drop-down menu (2)- Select a parameter to correspond with the Times Logged field. Available options:
    • Total - The total number of times logged for this Lead.
    • Since last queue change - The number of times logged since this Lead has been in the current Queue.
    • Within - The number of times logged for this Lead within a specified time frame.
  • Action drop-down menu (3) - Select an Action to take place when the Rule is activated.
  • Action settings (4) - Configure settings for the Action.

Sorting Rules

When you have multiple Additional Rules on a Call Result, you can sort them by dragging and dropping each Rule.

Note: The first Default Rule cannot be sorted below Additional Rules.

Note: When sorting Rules, ensure that the times are adjusted so that each Rule occurs after the one above it.

Advanced Options

Advanced Options enable you to apply additional functionality to your Call Results. Use the Show/Hide link (1) to display these functions.

Available options:

Announce Result

If the Announce Result checkbox is selected, a popup will appear for all Users whenever the Call Result is selected. The popup will display both the name of the Agent who selected the Result, and the name of the Result.

Require Comments

If the Require Comments checkbox is selected, a Call Log will not be recorded unless Call Notes have been added. If Call Notes are not present, an error will be shown in the Call Log.

Email the Contact

Email the Contact enables the Agent to send a pre-formatted email to the email address on the Lead Profile.

Note: This feature requires the following configuration:

  1. An Email Template must be created.
  2. Outbound Email must be set up.
  3. The User dispositioning the call must have access to the selected Email Template via Share Settings.

To enable this option, select an Email Template from the Email the Contact drop-down list.

Apply Tags

Tags can be applied to a Call Result to enable filtering of Search results, to trigger actions for apps or integrations, or to modify your Reports.

We recommend contacting Technical Support for assistance with configuring your Tags. They will provide best practice advice and instructions based on what you wish to accomplish.

Change Campaign

If you are using Campaigns to offer multiple products or services to the same set of Leads, this feature can be used to create a Lead Profile in another Campaign when the Lead is dispositioned using this Call Result.

To create a Lead Profile in another Campaign, choose a Campaign from the Change Campaign drop-down menu.

Note: When using this feature, only a Lead Profile is created in the other Campaign - the Lead itself will remain within the original Campaign. If you also want a copy of the Lead to be created in the other Campaign, you will need to set up a Default Rule to transfer the Lead to the General Leads Queue, or another Queue. 

Save Changes

When you create or edit a Call Result, be sure to click the Save Changes button when you are finished.

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