Importing Leads - Step 4: Configuring Import Settings

This article is Step 4 in our 5-step Guide to Importing Leads.

Be sure to complete Step 3: Field Mapping for Import before you proceed.

Configuring Import Settings

On the right side of the Import Tool you'll see information about your file and settings that can be adjusted.

  • File Information (1) - This displays information about your file - original file name, upload time and processing status.
  • File name (2) - This allows you to re-name the file. You may want to add a date or other information to make it easy to refer to later.
  • Campaign Name (3) - This allows you to assign the file to a Campaign.
  • De-duplication mode (4) - This allows you to choose a De-duplication Mode for this import.

Assigning Files to Campaigns

Campaigns allow you to dial and manage multiple sets of the same leads for different purposes. For example, to sell 2 different products to the same leads, you would create 2 Campaigns and assign the same set of leads to each Campaign.

When importing a new lead file, you will typically assign it to an existing Campaign you're working from. This will allow ReadyMode to run de-duplication between the existing leads in that Campaign and the new leads you've imported into it. It's important to note that ReadyMode is not able to run de-duplication between leads in different Campaigns.

If you don't have any existing Campaigns yet, or you want to assign the leads in this file to a new Campaign so you can manage them separately from your other Campaigns, you can create a new Campaign.

Handling Duplicates

When you import leads, ReadyMode gives you several options for handling any duplicates that may exist between the new leads in your file and the existing leads within the Campaign you've selected. ReadyMode compares duplicates based on the Primary Phone Number field.

Some De-duplication Modes handle duplicates based on whether or not the lead has been used. A lead is considered "used" when the profile associated with the lead is moved out of the General Leads Queue.

The following De-duplication Modes are available to choose from:

  • Default - Duplicate leads will be rejected if they have been used, or accepted if they have not been used.
  • Accept duplicates - Duplicate leads will be accepted, regardless if they have been used or not. Duplicates for leads in your Do Not Call List will not be accepted.
  • Reject duplicates - Duplicate leads will be rejected, regardless if they have been used or not.
  • Merge duplicates' data - Duplicate leads will be rejected, however the data from those duplicate leads will update the records of existing leads. Leads in your Do Not Call List will also be updated.

Note: For clients using the Skip Tracer App, all files will be processed using the "Default" Mode, and other Modes will not appear.

Now you're ready for Step 5: Import and Review Leads.

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