Managing Resources in Folders

Find out how the tools available in Folders can help make managing them easy.

Managing Resources in Folders

Inside Folders, you'll find some handy tools to help you manage your resources.

Create New Resources

On the left side of each Folder, you'll see the + New icon. This allows you to create new resources. Click through to the articles linked below to learn more about creating each type of resource.

Folder Tools

On the right side of each Folder, you'll see a set of Folder Tools you can use to manage resources.

Depending on the type of folder, these tools may include:

  • Move Up (1) - Click this icon to navigate up to the parent Folder, or drag and drop resources over it to move them to the parent Folder.
  • Trash Bin (2) - Drag and drop resources over this icon to permanently delete them. If you are deleting resources which contain Lead Profiles and wish to retain the Leads, be sure to recycle the resource before deleting it.
  • Recycle Bin (3) - Drag and drop a User or Folder over this icon to recycle any Lead Profiles belonging to it back to their previous Queue.
  • Color Picker (4) - Use the Color Picker to select a unique color for your folder.

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