Configuring CRM Fields

Interested in changing how data is stored in your CRM? Learn more about configuring your CRM Fields.

Configuring CRM Fields

Using Configuration Options, you can adjust the settings for your CRM Fields.

To view Configuration Options, first navigate to CRM Fields. Next, create or edit a Field to view the following:

Field Name

The Field Name will be used for reference throughout the system.

Quick Tip: We recommend choosing something short and easy for your Agents to understand.

Field Type

The Field Type determines what kind of data can be stored in a Field.

Note: The Field Type on existing CRM fields may not be editable.

Available Types:

Field TypeUse CaseNotes
Limited TextBest for storing small amounts of text information, such as names.
The character limit is 512 characters (including spaces).
Unlimited TextCan be used for storing larger amounts of text information, such as descriptions.
Not recommended to include in Search, as searching large amounts of text may delay the return of Search results.
Dropdown BoxCan be used to present a drop down menu with a list of options to choose from.

Add Options to the list using the Option Field (1) and Add Option Button (2).

PhoneCan be used to store additional phone numbers.
The format is 000-000-0000.

Numbers stored in Custom Phone Fields cannot be used to dial Leads using the AI Dialer. They are available for manual dialing only.
CurrencyCan be used to store monetary amounts.
Only numbers and the $ character can be entered.
DateCan be used for storing dates.
The format is YYYY-MM-DD.
Date + TimeCan be used for storing date and time together.The format is DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM <AM/PM>.

Show Field

The Show Field settings determine whether or not a Field is displayed.

Show Field on Profile

If Show Field on Profile is checked, the Field will be displayed on the Lead Profile.

Show Field on Queue

If Show Field on Queue is checked, the Field will be displayed as a column header when viewing Leads in a Queue.

Field Validation

Field Validation settings determine whether or not a Field is required, and any data formatting requirements for it.

Require Field

If Require Field is checked, the Field must be filled out when editing a Lead Profile.

Note: Ensure Show Field on Profile is checked if Require Field is checked.

Required Pattern

If a Required Pattern is selected, the data in the field must match the format selected. If the data entered does not match the selected , a warning will be displayed.

Available Formats:

FormatCharacters Allowed
NoneAll characters.
AlphanumericLetters, numbers and spaces only.
NumericNumbers only.
CurrencyNumbers and the $ character.
CustomA custom pattern written in regular expression. Contact Tech Support if you need assistance with this.

Save Changes

When you create or edit a CRM Field, be sure to click the Save button when you are finished.

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