About CRM Fields

Curious about how data is stored in your CRM? Learn about CRM Fields here.

About CRM Fields

CRM Fields in ReadyMode enable you to store information about your Leads.

Lead data can be added directly to CRM Fields during the import process, or entered on Lead Profiles manually.

CRM Fields can be connected to Scripts by using Variables to transfer data.

Your ReadyMode system has a default set of fields, called Standard Fields, which store data such as names, phone numbers, email and street addresses. You can also add Custom Fields to store additional data that is specific to your business.

Both Standard and Custom Fields can be modified using Configuration Options.

Navigating to CRM Fields

To view and manage CRM Fields, navigate to Settings on the Dashboard.

Note: You'll need "Application Manager" Permissions to view Settings.

Under Settings, select Agent Options to open Profile Features.

Under Profile Features, select Edit custom fields.

You'll now be able to view and manage your CRM Fields.

About Standard Fields

Standard Fields available in ReadyMode usually include the following:

Field NameExample data
First NameJohn
Last NameSmith
Address1234 Main Street, Apt #101
Zip Code19121
Phone Number(555) 555-1234
Alt. Phone(555) 555-4321

Note: Depending on how your system is configured during the Onboarding process, you may see a different set of fields.

Standard Fields with Special Functionality

Some fields in ReadyMode have special functionality that is connected to certain features, which is important to keep in mind when working with these fields.

Phone Number

The Phone Number Field is the only Field that can be dialed using the AI Dialer. Phone numbers stored in other fields, such as Alt. Phone or Custom Fields, can only be dialed manually.


The Email Field is connected to the Email feature. The email address stored in this field will be used to send emails to the Lead.

Address, City, State, Country and Zip Code

These Fields are used with integrations that use addresses, such as Google Maps and Zillow. 

About Custom Fields

Custom Fields enable you to customize your CRM to store data that is specific to your business. These Fields can be used for Search, and for filtering Queues or Reports.

Learn how to create Custom Fields here.

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