About the DNC List

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About the DNC List

The Do Not Call (DNC) List in ReadyMode enables you to store a list of numbers which will should not be called. Numbers on this list will not be called by the AI Dialer, but can still be dialed manually.

Numbers can be assigned to the List permanently or temporarily using the Default Rule in Call Results. You can review and filter numbers in the List to find specific entries, and manage your List by using the Export, Import and Remove options

Quick Tip: Looking for a way to add Leads to your DNC list by region, time zone or date imported? Learn about DNC Rules here.

Navigating to the DNC List

To view and manage the DNC List, navigate to Settings on the Dashboard.

Note: You'll need "Application Manager" Permissions to view Settings.

Under Settings, select Agent Options to open Profile Features.

Under Profile Features, scroll to the Do Not Call List section and select Manage Do Not Call List.

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