About the Cold Call App

Looking for an easy way to call Leads without using the Dialer? Check out the Cold Call App.

About the Cold Call App

ReadyMode's Cold Call feature enables Agents to call Leads one at a time. This is ideal for handling high value Leads, or any situation where you want Agents to review the Lead's information more carefully before connecting with them.

With this App, Agents will see a Get Next Leads button at the top of the screen which they can use to bring up a Lead from the General Leads Queue. They can then review the Lead and dial manually when they're ready.

The Cold Call App is already installed in your ReadyMode system by default, but it must be enabled for Users before it can be available to use.

Enabling the Cold Call App for Users

To enable the App for an Agent, navigate to the User group/security information section of User Permissions on their Profile and select Cold Call from the Add Application drop-down menu.

Note: Users may need to log out/log back in to see the App appear on their Profile.

Making Calls using the Cold Call App

You're all set! Jump over to this article to find a step-by-step guide on how to make calls using the Cold Call App.

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