Managing Voicemail

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Managing Voicemail

ReadyMode's Voicemail feature enables you to receive and manage Voicemail messages, including personal messages and messages left for a Queue.

Note: To receive a personal Voicemail, the Voicemail option must be enabled in your Phone Settings. For a Queue to receive voicemail, this must be enabled in the Queue's General Settings. In order to have access to the voicemail box for a Queue, Users must have "Read" access in the Share Settings for the Queue.

Accessing Voicemail

To access the Voicemail window, click on the Voicemail button at the bottom of the Dial Pad

You can also access voicemail by clicking on the Unchecked Voicemail notification that will appear on the bottom of your screen if you have a new voicemail.

Voicemail Options

The Voicemail window contains the following options:

  • Voicemail inboxes (1) - Select an inbox to review messages.
  • Message information (2) - See the number, time and date for the message.
  • Play button (3) - Play the voicemail message.
  • Download button (4) - Download the voicemail message.
  • Length of message (5) - See how long the message is.
  • Add to DNC button (6) - Add this number to your Do Not Call List.
  • Transfer Voicemail button (7) - Transfer the message to another User.
  • Delete Voicemail button (8) - Delete the voicemail message.

Checking Voicemail

To check for voicemail, open the Voicemail window and select one of the Voicemail inboxes on the left. You'll see your Personal Voicemail inbox (1) and a Queue Voicemail inbox (2) for each Queue.

Note: To access voicemail for a Queue, you must have "Read" access in the Queue Folder's Share Settings.

To listen to a message, click on the Play icon to hear it.

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